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Over potting


Frequently questions are asked what is over potting.

The answer is very simple. Planting the plants or seedlings in disproportionate size of pot is over potting. Pots or containers should be of proportionate size to the plants or seedling for better and healthy growth. We have seen many nurseries that are running the business as trade only, are always engaged in planting their plants in oversize pots or bags and the product are evaluated on the size of the pot not the plants. Pots or bags to be treated as packing materials, and it have nothing to do with the quality and size of the plants and their prices.

 What happens when a plant is potted in oversize pots?

  1. The plants in too big pot with bulk of aggregate can get too wet and results to root rots. This mostly happens during monsoon or if the proper watering is non manageable.  Roots require good aeration to produce active and functional rootlets.
  2. The plants get confused with the overdose of nutrients and cannot digest properly and it is also waste of the nutrients which will leach out till plant root reaches to it.
  3. Lonely feelings (less of community feelings) Plants have community feeling effects if they are put together close by in a group always the feel happy. Small plant in a bigger pot will minimize the community effects. This can be observed mostly in ferns and orchids. In orchid culture too many young seedlings are potted in one community pot.
  4. The ideal conditions for proper root development are that your mixture should be moist throughout, and sometimes slightly wet, well aerated and light after the watering. The seedlings must absorb the water and the air pockets should be form around the root ball to facilitate the new growth of root. With a larger pot with small plants the area around the newly planted root ball does not dry out quickly. Young plants does not have a capacity to absorb and evaporate the excess of water to form an air pockets hence the potting mixture becomes soggy, which can be fatal to the young plant.

in the wild do better because the water Seedlings and nutrition are shared by all type of vegetations

We are located in an area where rain fall is 170 inches and sometimes during nonstop rain creates problems even for bigger plants which are all ready in proportionate size pots. We plant legumes in the pots in just beginning of monsoon. Legumes are tape rooted plants and the amount of extra water is taken care by legumes plus it adds nitrogen and makes soil soft to the growing plant.