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 This site is created to provide the information on plants to hobbyists and plant lovers.

Apart from business the site creates awareness and promotion for greenery. It’s the only site where all the plants mentioned in our collection can be seen physically at our nursery.  Cultural information’s are based as per our technical experiences and observations.

The Journey of mayflowers: our journey started in the year 1974 on a small piece of land in Mumbai. As a propagator we had a tough time for almost 10 years to manage a nursery on small land.  After making a firm base and respectable name in the field of Horticulture we were supported by our clients and well wishers for expansion and development of a moderate big size nursery. The aim of expansion was to produce superior quality and well established plants in bulk quantity.

The beginning of a new era: For expansion we managed some land without water source and electricity, completely barren, sloppy and rocky at mid way to Mumbai Pune highghway. Phase wise development has yielded 23 terraces by manual labors.

The dedicated physical and moral support was given by my wife who always encouraged me and took charge of the development in a best possible way. I was also supported by my children during development work through out.

Our latest development is at Mangaon and Falyan of taluka Pali where we are engaged in production of only medicinal trees and doing Organic Farming which was my passion earlier.

Today we own about 18 acres of nursery land, well managed and we still treat our customers the same way as we did when we started.

Location: We are located at midway to Old Mumbai Pune highway at village kalote Mokashi Tal-Khalapur, Dist- Raigad about 70 km. from Mumbai. The area comes under Konkan belt (A part of Western Ghats) surrounded by the beautiful Sahyadri Hills rich in fauna and flora.

Functioning: Every year we collect rare and unusual plants for propagation. After propogation they are put for the test of hardiness. The best one are further propagated for marketing till its reaches to a specific presentable size and quality. The nursery is well equipped with latest irrigation systems. The poly houses and green houses have a natural environment equipped by Mist irrigation. Outdoor shrubs and ground covers are watered by Pop-Ups and sprinklers, and the established plants and specimens by Drip-irrigation. We are the only people in the country growing all our plants exclusively in organic media. Personal attention is given to every section of the nursery every day. Apart from ornamental plants the nursery produces ornamental medicinal trees for best use in landscaping and forestation to restore the eco-system and sustainable greenery.

Climate is very pleasant throughout the year. Typical tropical climate that is very humid during summer and monsoon and slightly dry or rough during winter. It has an annual rainfall of about 160 inches. Monsoon starts from second week of June and ends up to 2nd week of October. An iIdeal climate to propagate tropical plants.

Temperature: April and May are the hotter months when occasionally day temperature goes up to 39o C. and  28C. at night. Otherwise throughout the year the temperature ranges between maximum temp 34o C. and minimum 26o C. In winter and monsoon sometimes minimum temperature drops to 15oC..


Our People: The people employed at our nursery are from Tribal community who are honest, hard working and do work to perfection. Major skilled nursery work is handled by the Tribal girls and Ladies. They are brilliant and perform well with whatever jobs they are assigned with.

We are the only people in the country specilised in cultivating various variety of ferns in bulk quantity.